Welcome to New Jersey Living!

Hello, and thanks for visiting New Jersey Living.

While we are located in the great Garden State, this site is going to cover aspects of everyday living that apply to folks well beyond its borders.  From fitness to food and autos to office furniture, we’ll be sharing our thoughts and tips on a wide range of topics that millions of other average folks have to consider on a regular basis.

So, who are we?  I’m Don Miller, and along with my partner Julia, we decided to start this blog because we think we’ve got some special going, and want to help others toward their personal ideas of happiness and contentment.

Life in the US, and really throughout the world, only continues to get more complicated and stressful, but it doesn’t have to weigh on you.  Julia and I have great lives.  Our jobs aren’t anything special — both of us spend our weekdays in the same cube farm at a large corporation — but we still have time and energy after hours to enjoy our wide range of interests.  We are making ends meet, with a bit to spare, and are managing to put a little away for retirement down the road.

Basically, we’re saying that you can still enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in America without having to earn scads of money.  And we’ll be sharing a lot of ideas with you about how to do that yourself.  Stop back again soon!